About Us

Since 1941, Phil’s Electric Company has been a fixture in San Francisco’s Marina District.  The Phil’s Electric story began in World War II when Phil Sidari was commissioned to make artificial limbs for returning disabled veterans.  After the war, Phil constructed homemade small appliances out of spare parts, since limited finished goods were available at the time.  He built his business on a foundation of honest and conscientious work.  After 30 years of hard work, Phil retired to his backyard workshop in Corte Madera

In the late seventies, Vicki and Bob Evans took over the operations of Phil’s Electric.  Bob learned from Phil’s expertise and continued repairing vacuums and lamps.  In more recent years, Bob and Vicki added small appliance repair and sales, plus custom lamp design to their growing list of services.  Not long ago, Ken and Tom, joined Phil’s Electric to contribute to the family business and preserve the tradition of excellence that is courtesy and customer service.

Meeting the growing demand for a larger selection of retail items, Phil’s Electric Company moved in 1982 from the Fillmore Street location to a larger shop on the corner of Lombard and Baker.  The goal was to make Phil’s Electric a one-stop shop.  Now the store offers home and commercial vacuums, vacuum parts and bags, small appliances, electric shavers, and cleaning supplies.  Repair service includes work on most home lighting systems including chandeliers and a host of other electric devices.  Concerns about the environment led to the addition of Eco-friendly equipment and chemicals as well as energy efficient machines.  Recognition of Miele as an industry leader can be seen in the number of vacuum products and air filtration systems present on the sales floor.